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That's right people, Jack Edmondson is the 2016 World Youth Enduro champion and he did it using DEP exhaust systems! 

Jack has taken it to another level this year and has been rewarded with his first world title. He went on a roll of an eight day straight winning streak that got him over the finish marker of becoming the 125cc Youth Cup World champ. We caught with Jack briefly this week to get his take on being on top of the world and here's what he had to say....

"As the season was coming to an end I could start to focus on wrapping up the championship and it was possible to do it in Fabriano, Italy. I still wanted to put in good results even though the thought of being world champion was on my mind the whole week. I knew if I could ride how I have so far this year I wouldn't have a problem and with nothing stupid I rode a smart super test to come home with a 4th position. Heading into day 1 I started off steady in 2nd place until the leader had a crash in the Enduro test which moved me up front. From then I kept pushing and extended my lead to bring home the 2016 EY World Championship on Day 1! What a feeling and relief off my shoulders, I had so many emotions going through my head it was crazy, I have never felt anything quite like it. The team and everyone done a great job this year and I'm happy I could bring them all this title. Now I can ride with no pressure for the rest of the year and and start thinking about my plans for next year. Finally I can celebrate and spend time with family and friends back home and let it all sink in, because I don't think it really has just yet. 

I'd just like to say a huge thank you to my dad, family and all my friends! The sponsors I have behind me: KTM UK, Jolly Enduro Team, Airoh, Oakley, Alpinestar, Rock Oil, Michelin, Amped, Dep Pipes, P3 Carbon, Leisure Trail, Fast Eddy Racing...just everyone that has contributed and helped. You know who you are. 

Now from here I'm gonna take a little rest then work hard back up until France, we have a few races at home but I aim to show some good results in cahors, hopefully put top times in with the mix of the top 3 junior class riders so let's see what happens!"

On behalf of all of us at DEP, congratulation Jack. Awesome, just awesome. (pictures courtesy of Jonty Edmonds @ Enduro21)