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The DEP Hard Charger awards are going to come thick and fast at the end of the month at the fourth round of the Thor British Youth Nationals championship. 

With three rounds of the Thor British Youth Nationals in the history books it’s time to play catch up for some in the series. Notably with the DEP Pipes Hard Charger award as DEP’s Jeff Perrett explains; 

“Unfortunately I was forced to miss rounds two and three of the championships with other commitments and therefore wasn’t in a position to choose the DEP Pipes Hard Charger award. No doubt there were some kids at those rounds who warranted the award, as there are at every round, but they’ll just have to keep on charging! I’ll be attending the remaining three rounds though, so what we’re now going to do is choose three winners at round four at Milton Park to bring us up to speed. So, I’ll be watching closely in all classes to choose three racers who are really digging deep no matter where they are in the race, from front to back. Then they’ll reap what they sow by being awarded the Hard Charger award, which is a £200 discount voucher to spend with DEP. Bayliss Utting won the award at the opening round at Fatcat and he and his family were genuinely surprised when I told them, so that was a cool. 

"Right now, we’re pleased with how it’s going. We’ve done a lot of development work and are pleased with the results of all of our exhaust systems for bikes available in the youth market. Off course we’re never content though and we’re constantly pushing for more and developing improved exhaust systems. As a British manufacturing company with a history of success in motocross racing in the UK we’re proud to be getting behind the premier British Youth MX championship and encouraging kids to give it their all out there on the track. So kids, get twisting that throttle even harder because we’re watching! Go as fast as you can….but try and stay safe! Easier said than done I know, but that’s what makes our sport so special and rewarding. Good luck to all the Thor BYN competitors for the rest of the season."