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There's a new off road motorcycle media in town. If you're a true fanatic of motocross and off road riding then you're probably a 'Motohead'! 

'Motohead' is a new digital app brought to you by two of the main men in recent times at Moto Magazine. Editor in Chief - Adam Duckworth and chief bike tester Dave Willett have got together on the new project after it was announced the Moto Magazine app would not be continuing. So the two of them thought 'well, we'll just do our own' and it's now out, live and available to download for free on ITunes. 

It's going to be regularly packed with bike tests, product reviews, racing news....basically everything you need to know to keep your finger on the pulse of all things off road motorcycling. We're pleased to say we've made the first issue of the app with an in depth product test on our KTM 125 system and you can read that by clicking here. So, get clicking and see what Motohead say about our exhaust systems and while you're there have a good look around the rest of the app. 

You can download the Motohead app for free here. Enjoy.