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We're pleased to annouce that the big 'Oz' that is Steve Sommerfeld has joined Jamie Squibb and Nez Parker as part of our FMX supported team! 

Steve-O (no not that one), has been part of the FMX squadron that have been sending crowds into delirium througout the recent Arenacross UK tour. Not only with an awesome array of mid-air shenanigans but by frequently getting over excited himself and running off in the crowd for a group hug. Well he is a long way from home! When Steve isn't doing his thing he's often found strolling around in his thongs (Flip-Flops to the rest of us) and can be found by his laughter if lost. He's pretty good at sniffing out a beer too, but then that's a fimilar triat for an Aussie.

Steve now actually lives in Germany and travels most of Europe with his wife doing various FMX shows (Steve, no this wife!) and he's also a judge, show commentator and TV presenter at the 'Night of the Jumps' that host the FMX World Championships. So the 32 year old gets around a bit and is a bit of a 'ledge' on the Euro FMX scene. Nearly as much as he is in the Aussie outback where he's from. Welcome to team DEP Steve, get those flip flops flippin'!