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It's been a pretty good season so far for our Enduro ace Alex Walton. He's been bombing all around Europe tearing up his Beta 125cc two stroke in his quest to be the best. 

Here's what's been going on in Walton's World, from the man himself. "My racing so far in 2017 has been great and I'm looking forward for to the rest of the year ahead. The start of the year was Round 1 of the British enduro championship in Elgin Scotland. After having a strong winter I was confident with myself coming into the event. But after having multiple crashes all weekend and not riding like myself it ended up being one to forget. I came away with 5th and 3rd in the expert E1 class. But after having that set back at the start of the year my riding has been much better. 

"The first round of the European enduro championship was next in Portugal. Looking to bounce back from Scotland I felt I had a solid weekend and came away with 6th and 10th in the under 20 125 class over the two days. I was pleased with this after having top 4 test times I knew I had the speed. Next up was the Second round of the British enduro championship at Helmsley, Yorkshire. Feeling confident I rode to a 1-1 in the E1 class both days and 1-5 in the expert overall. I was super happy with my riding and coming away with this result. 

"The first round of the British Sprint enduro championship was under way at Rogers Hill Raceway, Dorset. It was a solid weekend for me coming away with 1-1 in E1 class and taking the 1-1 in the Experts overall. Super happy with my riding felt I improved a lot also having top 3 tests times against championship class riders. After a little break the next race was the Welsh 2 Day enduro. With some awesome tests made I came away with 1st in the E1 expert class and 3rd in the experts overall. Felt like I didn't ride as strong as I have in the others races but came away with a good result. 

"Overall the start of 2017 has been strong and super happy with where I am at. Can't thank DEP enough with the pipes they're always on point. Also big thanks to Apico Factory Racing, Steve Plain Motorcycles, Rock Oil, Racegeer, Renovation Restoration, Off Road Only, P3 and Michelin."

Good work Alex. From all of us at DEP, keep on charging and good luck for the rest of the year.