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We're pleased to say Alfie 'Boy' Jones is the 2017 Michelin MX Nationals small wheeled national champion. 

Fresh off the championship success of Howard Wainwright using DEP Pipes we've only gone and got another championship in the bag thanks to an excellent season from Alfie Jones. Alfie dominated the Michelin MX Nationals small wheeled class, wrapping up the title with one round to go on his WFO / Dubai MX Racing Husqvarna. 

It's been a bitter sweet couple of weeks for Alfie though, as not long after wrapping up the MX Nationals title his chance of winning the Thor British Youth Nationals has now all but disappeared after fracturing his shoulder blade at round five of the championship this past weekend down in Landrake, Cornwall. It's still mathemitcally possible for Alfie to win the championship but he'll need a huge dose of luck for that to happen. 

Still, it's been a great year for the kid in his first year on a 85 and a sign of good things to come for 2018. We'll be right behind Alfie for next year and preparations have already started for his assualt on more titles next year. Good work Alfie, heal up well and good luck for 2018.