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2018 is off and running and we're pleased to say we've started it in winning ways at the Max Powered Arenacross UK tour. 

DEP supported Joe Clayton ripped to a double race victory in the Pro Lites class on his Team Green Holeshot Kawasaki using our proven S7 system. Get in Joe! He pulled two great starts and led the majority of the laps. He didn't let himself down when he was then invited into the head to head Pro races either, making the semi finals against the big boys on their big boys toys 450's. 

His younger team mate Raife Broadley also bagged a third place podium finish on his debut for the team in the Supermini 85cc class. Raife only joined the team just before Christmas and has hardly any time on the KX85 but showed he has great potential. After falling in his first race earlier in the day (behind closed doors) he was bitterly disappointed to come home ninth after struggling to pick the bike up on the face of a jump, but he proved he has good mental strength to bounce back with a dynamite holeshot and third place on the night. 

In the pro class, Joe and Raife's more experienced team mates Jack Brunell and Adam Chatfield had a tough night getting the flow going. And although they both made the final they couldn't put it in the mix for the podium finishes. However they did help the team to fourth in the team standings after the first round. 

The GL12 KTM two stroke team had their first taste of Arenacross and they seemed to have a great time embracing the whole atmosphere. Mike Kras and James Dunn both failed to make the cut into the final, but only just. On a heavy track they were wringing the necks of their KTM 250 2 smokers against the torque of their competitors, and it sounded great! With six rounds still to go the lads have time to put a 2 stroke in the final. Their younger team mates had a good solid start too. Lewis Dowdeswell went 6-6 in the Pro Lites class and got off to a start he can build on, while in the Youth 65cc class Alfie Osborne went 7-9. Little Alfie was just pumped to be racing and to finish, after returning from a family holiday in Australia he was fighting to stay awake, even with all the excitiment of the opening round of the Power Maxed Arenacross UK tour! 

Next stop is Newcastle this coming weekend, at one of the smallest arenas on the tour. Carnage will once again occur! 

Joe Podium

Raife Mchester

Raife Podium 

Kras Manchester